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the Lutheran readers project
A resource for readers interested in literature addressing Lutheran culture, history, faith, and more.

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Hong Konged by Paul Hanstedt

Study Materials for Paul Hanstedt's novel Hong Konged
Interview with author Paul Hanstedt about his new novel Hong Konged

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The Lutheran Readers Project originated as part of Called to Create: A Lutheran Festival of Writing, held at Luther College in November 2007. The mission of that festival was described on its web site:

Called to Create: A Lutheran Festival of Writing brings together poets and writers of fiction and non-fiction who have been shaped by the Lutheran tradition. Through readings, lectures, and panel discussions, the festival seeks to highlight this writing for college students, faculty, and a wider public, as well as to support and encourage serious writing and to cultivate a community of writers in the Lutheran world.

The Readers Project is intended to provide a resource for Lutheran writers and readers and a bridge to connect the two. The Readers Project's steering committee will recommend a new book to readers throughout the year (see our Selections page). It will also post reader's guides and interviews with authors (also available on the Selections page). You as the reader may comment on selections, communicate with the authors, or provide suggestions for upcoming Readers Project selections (see our Readers Forum page), as well as learn about the authors' upcoming tours or schedule a visit by the authors to your community, church, or book club (see our Authors page).
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